Office Environment That Supports Both Work and Well-Being

Starting Point

WSP is a world-renowned construction specialist. At WSP Finland’s Tampere office, work mostly consist of design and expert work that requires concentration. Moving from a traditional closed office layout to an activity based open office raised concerns in some employees.

We Delivered

The design process began with an analysis on WSP Finland’s corporate culture, work environment concept and working methods of the personnel. Interviews and workshops were used to identify requirements, concerns and wishes related to the new working environment. Simultaneously, important matters concerning the working culture were defined and highlighted together with the personnel.

The new work environment was designed in line with WSP’s brand, with emphasis on practicality, interactivity and continuous learning. Tampere office consists of individual work areas, flex areas, negotiation rooms of various sizes, as well as shared spaces for inspiration and relaxation. The office is divided into public and private areas with glass walls. The café and negotiation rooms are situated in the public area, whereas the private area is reserved for work.

Office etiquette with mutually drawn up rules ensures correct use of spaces.

WSP operates around the world and has resources to be both global and local. The working environment reflects the company’s international know-how and vision, as well as the mentality of the Tampere office. The charismatic roughness of the old factory building was to be seen and felt.

The distinct atmosphere that was created, has made it easier for the employees to feel proud of the company and to feel connected with the work. The overall look of the space is energising, relaxed and inspiring. The working environment now looks and feels like the people who work in it and thus supports the communal working culture.

Final Outcome: Concern Turned into Excitement

Personnel’s needs were better met in the new work environment, which further enhanced the team spirit in the office. Thanks to participatory design and the thorough implementation, concern about the difficulty of concentrating proved to be unnecessary.

The new facilities are more in line with the corporate culture of WSP which underlines the importance of the community. In addition to the improved communication, the open office layout increased the respect for the work of others. Now, everyone from managers to trainees work under the same roof.

Photos: Aleksi Tikkala
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