Rettig Group

The head office of the Finnish family company combines history and future

The head office of the investment company Rettig Group Oy Ab is located on Bulevardi, in an old brewery warehouse belonging to Sinebrychoff that was originally built in 1880. The building represents the architecture of its own time and plays an important role in the cultural heritage of Helsinki. The 19th century building was converted into a modern and elegant head office whilst ensuring the continuity of the architectural heritage for future generations. Artwork and golden details crown the otherwise neutral space. The new property reflects high quality and long traditions – just like the company that occupies it.

Renewing a prestigious building with respect for its history

The 3,000 square metre head office of Rettig Group was modernised as part of an extensive renovation. Rettig’s employees moved into the new premises in June 2018. Before this renewal, the Rettig building had last been renovated at the turn of the 1990s. The aim was to create a modern head office that would reflect the Rettig brand, the group’s strategy and the company’s distinguished history. The spatial design was based on the Rettig Group’s values – trust, collaboration, goal-orientation and premium quality – while respecting the original architecture and history. For example, the names of meeting rooms reflect the history of the company and are named after members of the Rettig family.

Design drivers specified together with the Rettig team:

  • design that lasts from one generation to the next
  • respect for the architecture, layers of history
  • modern technology meets craftsmanship and art
  • communality and new ways of working
  • usability and quality, polished details

Rune & Berg Design was responsible for the overall concept, interior design and the graphic look of the space. The outdoor and indoor wayfinding system was also designed by Rune & Berg. The space was designed in close cooperation with the Rettig project team. Architects Davidsson-Tarkela was the architect and main designer, and we worked on the layout, building permit negotiations, fixtures, general lighting and lighting principles in cooperation with them.

Minimalistic design leaves room for interaction between people, art and technology

The atmosphere of the Rettig Group head office is minimalistic without being plain. Strong lines, high-quality furniture and timeless materials are paired with natural stone, art and golden and brass highlights. The space not only looks stunning but also supports Rettig’s employees in their work. We removed walls to create open concept workspaces that meet the needs of the teams. Each floor has a cosy space for having lunch and coffee and socialising with colleagues. The new social premises with showers promote an active lifestyle, such as biking to work.

The technical building system was also renewed. As with the rest of the renewal, the aim was to achieve functionality and a minimalist aesthetic. All technical solutions were discreetly integrated into the historical building. Rettig ICC, which is part of the Rettig Group, supplied the heating and cooling solutions. All the spaces received a new, premium lighting and lighting control system. The new lighting system maximises the amount of natural light, enhances user comfort and highlights the works of art. The meeting rooms have dimmable smart glass walls by HSL Group.

The interactive cooperation between Rune & Berg Design and the Rettig project team ensured that the space meets the wishes of the company. The new Rettig building is a unique working environment that serves the employees and reflects the company’s identity better. As the group’s head office, the elegant building serves as a window to the world and history of Rettig.

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