RUNE & BERG DESIGN An experience-focused design agency

The spark that led to the founding of Rune & Berg Design was our desire to create holistic and visual spaces. Since our company was founded in 2011, we have developed and grown into a multidisciplinary team of experts that today numbers more than 20 people whose mission is to create holistic, multisensory and meaningful experiences in the built environment. People are always at the heart of everything we do.

Our experience-focused design philosophy includes responsibility, insight, user experience, comprehensiveness and working together.

Our passion is to be involved in changing the world through sustainable design decisions and by developing the operating cultures of organisations. The courage we have shown to challenge and provide direction has been recognised by our clients. Our holistic approach includes our broad competence profile, from spatial design to the development of operating models, using co-creation methods. We genuinely believe that the best experiences are created when we work together, combining our diverse expertise and vision.

From the very beginning, Rune & Berg Design has sought to build a workplace that is a home for creative professionals. Our company culture values close collaboration, learning, equality, open feedback, freedom, responsibility and trust. We want to pass this on to our customers as well.


Together we are more

Courage to grow

Passion for work

Strong vision


Trust the universe

Our mission

Rune & Berg Design suunnittelee kokemuksellisia, visuaalisesti vaikuttavia ympäristöjä

We design experience-focused, visually impressive environments.

Rune & Berg Design kehittää voittavia kulttuureja fyysisissä ympäristöissä

We develop winning cultures in physical environments.

Rune & Berg Design vahvistaa organisaatioiden käyttäjäkeskeistä ajattelua

We reinforce user-centric thinking in organisations.

Rune & Berg Design muotoilee menestyviä asiakaslähtöisiä palveluita

We design successful customer-oriented services.