Hybrid-age office that strengthens the sense of community

The rapidly growing tech company Voyantic wanted to improve the functionality and visual look of its premises. The company had outgrown its previous office, and the personnel had to work in two separate locations. The aim was to work together with the personnel to design an office that would reflect Voyantic as a company while strengthening the work community and collaboration. The end result was a space that employees can proudly call their own, which also serves as an asset in recruitment. People have returned to the office, and the office attendance rate has increased by approximately 35 percentage points.

An inspiring working day experience

As you enter the office, the first space you step into is the working café, Voyantic’s inviting and cosy shared living room. You are greeted by music, the lovely aroma of coffee and cheerful chatter, setting the perfect mood for your working day. Flexible solutions enable the versatile use of the space without compromising on the atmosphere. The new heart of the office provides a setting for conversations, meetings, events, game nights and after-work activities.

A variety of new spaces were created to support different modes of working. For hybrid work, the office has quiet spaces and meeting rooms equipped with state-of-the-art AV solutions. The open-plan coworking space and multipurpose space were designed to support various forms of collaboration, such as working together, team meetups and brainstorming. The ad hoc space is perfect for spontaneous moments of collaboration. It was important to create a suitable space for collaborative activities for every employee at the office.

Jennie Laine, People and Culture Specialist at Voyantic, is happy with the excellent end result: “Our new office is cheerful, surprising and well-functioning. It’s full of functional and visual candy. We wanted to have a space that people can enjoy, and it truly lifts everyone’s spirits. People have learned to use the new spaces well, fully embracing them.”

A key goal in the development work was to give everyone the opportunity to participate and express their opinions. The new office was designed for the employees, with the employees.

Designing together

The design process started with identifying the teams’ needs, with the aim of creating better conditions for hybrid work. Employees were involved in the process through various means, including a needs assessment survey, key personnel interviews and collaborative planning of new practices. Using the collected user insight as a foundation, Voyantic’s new office was designed by incorporating functional and spatial solutions to facilitate smooth hybrid work and collaboration between teams. We were responsible for the interior architectural design and the design of the fixtures, graphic elements and signage.

The goal of the renewal was to enable seamless interaction in hybrid work. The project was guided by the following design drivers:

  • Strengthening the work community: the sense of community and social relations between colleagues are strengthened through informal encounters
  • Supporting collaboration: continuous, seamless interaction between team members
  • Efficient and equal meetings: smooth hybrid meetings provide both on-site and online participants with equal opportunities to participate and have their voice heard

“Compared to the old office, the new premises facilitate meetings and conversations in an entirely new way,” Jennie says happily.

Cooperation began already before the design stage, with Rune & Berg Design preparing a listing of Voyantic’s interior standards to support the lease agreement negotiations. Listings of interior standards play a key role in the design process as they enable more user-oriented design and make the implementation of changes more straightforward, cost-effective and eco-friendly.

“Cooperation with Rune & Berg was rewarding from the very beginning. We received expert and practical assistance every step of the way, and we couldn’t have succeeded in this alone. Finding an excellent partner led to an excellent end result,” Jennie says.

Visual boldness and quality

Voyantic wanted the new office to reflect quality, technology and innovation. Sustainability and the circular economy were also taken into account in the design, and existing elements were utilised and repaired efficiently.

“Voyantic had the courage to stand out, and there was a deliberate intention to do something bold. As a designer, it was great to gain the client’s full trust and have the opportunity to design such a delightful concept,” says Aino Keto, Lead Designer at Rune & Berg Design.

The design process started with an exploration of the colours of Voyantic’s brand identity and how they could be used to create a functional spatial experience that takes into account materials, shades, structures and patterns. The graphic elements on the walls of the space mimic a report graph typical of Voyantic’s products. The holistic design of the spatial experience also factored in the sound environment, which is particularly crucial in the hybrid age.

“The quality and details of the design have sparked discussion that paints an accurate picture of our company. The space is memorable, which supports our brand. Daring to trust the designer’s vision leads to the best possible end result. We wouldn’t have been able to pay attention to all the small details or design features such as lighting, microphones or the sound environment ourselves,” Jennie says.

Downsizing did not apply to Voyantic

The trend of office downsizing accelerated by the pandemic did not apply to Voyantic. Instead, the company was worried that the pandemic would change how people come together and interact, resulting in a sense of disconnection among people. Compared to the old premises, the new office has a better location in Pitäjänmäki and more square metres. “Now we have space, design and a cosy atmosphere,” Jennie says.

“In the old premises, everyone used to work remotely quite often, but the new office is frequently packed. I’d say that before, around 50% of the personnel were working remotely, whereas now, 85% come to the office. We no longer have to worry about people drifting apart,” Jennie says.

Voyantic carries out regular personnel surveys and has received excellent feedback on the work atmosphere and the office. “Now we have a great and well-functioning place to come together. We’re very proud of our new, functional premises,” Jennie says.