A company from the construction industry

The entire office as a showroom

The new work environment of the company in Pitäjänmäki is a showroom for corporate culture as well as the entire sector: different building supplies brands have a strong presence in the five-storey office of this pioneering company. The actual product presentation space is located near the entrance, featuring, for example, a dark ceiling and plastered wall, which make the atmosphere and experience memorable from the start. The working floors, on the other hand, are wonderfully quiet, thanks to high-class acoustics solutions. The use of colours also reflects the atmosphere: blue represents quiet concentration and brick red – the colour inspired by the facade of the building – active collaboration.

Work environment where pioneership meets comfort

The purpose of the building supplies and solutions manufacturer company is to improve quality of life through comfortable and healthy living environments. The company wanted the 20-year-old office property in Pitäjänmäki to reflect the same ideology. The aim of the work environment renewal, which was implemented in connection with the renovation, was to design an activity-based office that would make the company’s business and role as a pioneer more concrete and support different functions and the ways of working shaped by the pandemic.

The design was guided by the following design drivers that were specified with the client:

  • pioneership
  • sustainability and sustainable development
  • aesthetics
  • comfort and well-being


Rune & Berg Design was responsible for the interior architecture and graphic design of the project. We also supported the work community in the change from private offices to a modern, more open working concept and culture, for example, by establishing rules and holding online information events. “The private office layout, which is characteristic of the early 2000s, did not support the contemporary culture of working together. We wanted to modernise both the structure and the ways of working. Because the company specialises in construction, we also wanted to use their own products and showcase them in innovative ways,” Riina Ruska, Lead Designer for the project sums up.

Each floor has its unique feature

The company’s new work environment is not only a showroom of innovative solutions, but also an inspiring work environment. Most of the visitors only see the reception area and showroom on the first floor and the restaurant and meeting rooms. The second, third and fourth floors are dedicated to working independently or together, not forgetting breaks. “The breakrooms have different focuses on different floors. They offer, for example, books and specialty coffees. The idea behind this is that people would move between the floors and share information on common customers and sites across the business units,” Riina says.


Premises that meet the needs of changed working practices – such as a silent room, sound-proof room for phone work and project workrooms – further increase well-being. Each floor has plenty of green elements, and the floors are divided into different zones from silent to loud. In addition, the existing saunas and roof terrace are now available for the entire staff. “The emphasis was on restorative spaces. For example, the renewed sauna and fireplace area is extremely cosy. It can even be used for internal, laid-back meetings, such as discussing the new week together over breakfast on Mondays,” Riina sums up.