Oura Health

Design started from values and collaboration

Oura is a Finnish health tech company that has sold over a million smart rings. Its operations are based on supporting people’s well-being and improving their quality of life. The rapidly growing Finnish team needed a new home and found it on Pohjoisesplanadi. In addition to the 600 square metre office, we designed a 400 square metre extension and gallery. The aim was to create a cohesive office of the hybrid era that promotes the collaborative Oura culture while supporting quiet work and concentration.

Empowering work environment for well-being experts

The new Oura office in central Helsinki is strongly based on well-being, as are the company and its employees. The natural colour palette and ample green decor leave room for creativity and promote recovery. The office has different kinds of spaces that are suitable for solo work, brainstorming and the construction of Oura ring prototypes. Things are not taken too seriously: there is a working café and a game area to support a great communal feeling. The signature visual look is repeated in the round shapes of the luminaires, acoustic panels and graphic elements, which is a reference to the Oura logo and smart ring.

The design drivers for the office design were specified in a workshop with the Oura project team:

  • attractive: boldly professional atmosphere, functional and innovative spaces
  • well-being: the space oozes holistic well-being, as does the brand itself
  • internal potential: natural space empowers and fosters creativity
  • good vibes for all: lively and inspiring premises that support a good team spirit and sense of community
  • technology focus: technology is visible in the space in a subtle but convincing way

Rune & Berg Design was responsible for the interior architecture and graphic design of the project. The project included a workshop with the project team, discussing the function and atmosphere of the space and the underlying ideas. “We started from Oura’s values and what the smart ring represents. The aim of the premises is to support well-being and get the most out of each employee,” Aino Keto, Project Lead Designer describes.

Well-being and the rhythm of nature as underlying themes

Oura’s business principle and corporate culture are based on supporting holistic well-being and reaching one’s full potential. The new office also supports these goals: the workstations that are divided by curtains facilitate communication, and the different meeting and brainstorming spaces encourage sharing ideas. The shared lobby and working café are ideal for communal moments with colleagues and partners. Quiet spaces, green decor elements and the acoustic panels that soften the sound environment ensure that the workday supports the employees’ well-being.

The visual look of the Helsinki office is founded on well-being, nature and balance. It was inspired by the colours and materials that are found in nature at different times of the day. “Oura is present in its customer’s life at all hours. This is why the office also reflects the circadian rhythm to create an impressive spatial experience where everything comes together and supports the Oura brand,” Aino says. “The colours reflect different times of day. We were also able to use the existing furniture in the space. We hardly needed to buy anything new,” Roosa Westerman, Interior Architect for the Project sums up.

The new Oura work environment forms a coherent spatial experience that supports the company’s brand and values. “Based on feedback, the office feels comfortable and enjoyable to its users. They have been very happy,” Aino says. Oura’s international offices are also interested in the look and feel and details of the Finnish office. For example, the San Francisco team is highly excited with the new office, in particular, the mirror-like Oura logo in the lobby.