From an empty office property to a seedbed for business and growth

From your very first encounter with Farmi, you will want to smile and unleash your creativity. The atmosphere is not unnecessarily serious: playful graphics, rustic tones and sprawling greenery distinguish Farmi from the traditional business park environment. Farmi is vibrant and full of energy. However, there’s plenty of space to get the job done quite efficiently – with over 18,000 square metres to choose from. From Info you can head to the COW Working cafe or to the upper modernised work levels. During the working day, you can stop by the nature-inspired atmosphere of Laituri or spend the whole day in the diverse restaurant world, where you can taste meatballs, vegetable lasagne or more modern BBQ delicacies. After the working day, you can also relax in the sauna on the 5th floor.

Farmi is the ideal growth platform for companies and new innovations

Originally built in the 1990s, the former “Hermian Bitti” is located in Hervanta, Tampere. There is more to the location than meets the eye, with Tampere University of Technology and VTT Technical Research Center right next door. Despite the great location, the long-term tenant was vacating the premises and the building needed a new focus to stand out in the market. The goal was to develop a modern and inspiring work environment full of life and suitable for companies of all sizes.

The following were defined as the design drivers:

  • Market distinctiveness
  • Emphasis on strengths
  • Easily understood material to support rentals

In order to create a distinctive concept, we studied the competitive field of business parks in Finland and abroad. We paid careful attention to the characteristics and strengths of the property. After a background study and workshops with the client, we defined the main idea for ​​the property as creating an ideal space in which companies and new innovations can grow. This is how it got its name Farmi.

Farmi offers a space where ICT companies, companies utilising their technologies and students in the field can gather and meet. The environment supports synergies and the emergence of innovations, which create a unique reason to come to Farmi. Rune & Berg Design was responsible for designing the new rental-promoting business park concept as well as the graphic look and facilities.

Lively and active property where you can also find laboratory facilities

Premises alone are not enough – real estate also needs to stand out in the market and be remembered. The concept for Farmi was built not only from a market and property perspective, but also from a rental perspective. The aim was to create a developing, energetic and innovative concept. Development and innovation are supported by, among other things, laboratory facilities suitable for electronics testing, which are not found in every property.

In addition to the unique location, laboratory facilities and modern work environment, attractive opportunities were developed not only for spending time during the working day, but also afterwards. A key element in this was the diverse and attractive restaurant world, which also draws in customers from other properties in the area, enabling various encounters and appointments. In addition, the car park, for example, can be utilised for various festivals, food events, urban farming, sports and street art together with students and the rest of the surrounding community.

In addition to the concept idea and the completed premises, a brochure and sketches were produced to support the rental of the property, which help to outline the possibilities of a living property. The bold renewal was worthwhile: from the premises previously used by Microsoft has emerged a truly vibrant and distinctive business park.

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