Office Block with Character

Starting Point

Trooli is an office block situated in Kalasatama, Helsinki. When the main tenant’s lease was running out, the owner wanted to renovate the property into an attractive and lively multi-user building. To set the property apart from its competitors and to create a sense of pride for the tenants, a strong identity was to be established.

We Delivered

We designed a new visual concept helping the building to become a significant part of the vibrant and historic neighbourhood of Tukkutori.

To make the building more recognizable, it was given the name Trooli (Finnish for “trawl”). All graphic elements from signage to brochures portray the same story of a lively sight with a rich history.




The new visual appearance is based on combining traditional craft elements, classic quality and fresh trends. Unexpected art, signage and spatial solutions better the impression of quality and bring added value to the property as a trendy business space. The entrance hall was designed into an elegant, but cozy meeting place that makes an impression.

Final Outcome: An Attractive Multi-User Building

Stepping into Trooli, the visitor is given an impression of a classy hotel or a restaurant rather than that of an ordinary office building. The history of the area is beautifully represented in the brand image and it adds on to the presentability and charm of the building. Recognizability of the property was improved and the wish of a profitable multi-user building was fulfilled.

Photos: Aleksi Tikkala
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