Arkadia n:o 6

A timeless and memorable five-star property that is full of life

Arkadia n:o 6 is a property that simply takes your breath away. The rugged architecture, the finished facade and inviting lobby with its impressive lighting attract attention from afar. The first impression is of a five-star hotel: dimmed lighting, brass details and an on-site lobby service create a high-quality atmosphere. In this space, covering nearly 24,000 square metres on eight floors, you’ll never get lost: all entrances are manned by a professional lobby service, either in person or virtually. Highly visible signage makes it easy to move around. An easily visible elevator lobby opens up from around one corner, where the classic rugged atmosphere continues. Regardless of which floor you find yourself on, Arkadia n:o 6 is the best place for business.

Owned by the real estate and management company Sponda and located in the heart of Helsinki next to Narinkkatori square in Kamppi, Arkadia n:o 6 grabs your attention thanks to its impressive lobby and renewed facade proudly displaying the Arkadia n:o 6 logo. Originally designed by Einari Teräsvirta and completed in 1977, the property was renovated with users as the focus. The exterior and interior guidance of the property was clarified and harmonised, and the visual appearance of the property underwent a transformation. The facade visibility, the main lobby and elevator halls, as well as the toilets and the restaurant were modernised. At the same time, the tenants’ own office spaces were renewed to better meet their needs. The comprehensive renewal project attracted considerable attention already from the start, and since then the premises have been fully leased.

From an old loading dock to a stylish meeting place

The direction of the renewal of Arkadia n:o 6 was determined in cooperation with Sponda and Tengbom Architects, based on Gensler’s spatial strategy guidelines. Rune & Berg’s role was above all to define and bring the design vision and the desired customer experience to the space through interior design choices.

The following were selected as design drivers:

  • Easily accessible
  • Distinguishable
  • Memorable
  • A timeless classic
  • 5 star quality

The goal was to turn the property into a stylish meeting place that serves the diverse needs of its users to meet and work: business by day, wine & dine by night. An inviting square was created from the lobby where employees, customers and residents of the city gather to meet. The former loading dock was transformed into an elegant lobby space, which is easy to find whether you walk or travel by bicycle, car or public transport. Typically, the materials used in the facade, such as concrete and brass, recall the history of the space. The lighting, which can be modified according to the time of day, the seasons and use situation, gives the space a pleasant atmosphere.

Thoughtful user experience with respect for architecture

The ruggedly elegant atmosphere of the lobby continues throughout the property. It is easy to move around thanks to the unified signage and carefully considered functionality. The main lobby provides access to a street-level café and restaurant, which was not previously directly accessible. If desired, the almost five-metre doors connecting the different spaces can be opened, turning the lobby and restaurant into one large space that can be used by tenant companies to host large parties, for example. This is an impressive experience as the large, open space recalls the lobby’s past as an outdoor space and creates the impression of the movement of air and wind in the square.

Thanks to the well-thought-out signage, it is easy to find the user or space you are looking for. The logos for all tenants are visible on the facade and they also catch the eye as soon as you enter the lobby. The logos are projected onto the wall in the main and elevator lobbies with gobo lights, which are easy to update if needed. Copper signs guide you to the various spaces, such as parking garages, storage and warehousing spaces, restaurants, cafes and shared meeting rooms. The typographical language of the logo is repeated in the typography – making it easier to understand the spaces that belong to the property. The five-star user experience is crowned by the facilities in the property and the surrounding area, such as shower and dressing facilities, electric car charging, the Farang restaurant and the diverse culture of the local area.

Want to learn more about Arkadia n:o 6?

Read about the renewal project (in Finnish), for example, in Projektiuutiset or on the website of Architects Tengbom, the main designer of the project.