K-Citymarket Jumbo Food Court

Renewed Food Court gathers nine restaurants around the same table

The renewed K-Citymarket Jumbo Food Court is a pleasant experience anyone can enjoy while shopping. It has something for everyone: busy shoppers, local residents who want to eat out and customers who want to buy carefully prepared, delicious food to go. What makes the Food Court unique is that you can choose from nine different cuisines and still eat together. There are nine eateries to choose from, ranging from sushi to artisan ice cream and pastries. Exciting food should be served in an exciting environment. The innovative solutions and strong graphic elements are in line with the carefully prepared food. Food Court serves from morning to evening: you can enjoy an unhurried breakfast, nutritious lunch or a glass of wine with a friend while shopping.

Inviting atmosphere and selection
that are worth your time

Jumbo K-Citymarket’s customer promise and the backbone of its operations is “A store worth your time”.  Owner Sami Hertell has noticed that the line between a restaurant and a grocery shop is becoming more blurred: people expect experiences also at traditional grocery stores. The aim of renewing Jumbo Food Court was to create a food court that increases sales in cooperation with the shop owner and the Kesko design team. The design took into account customer flows, navigation routes and the new conceptual look of the K-chain. The new Food Court of K-Citymarket Jumbo opened in September 2020.

Design drivers of the project:

  • Inviting atmosphere: the food is easy to take away or eat in
  • Diverse selection: something delicious every day, different graphic look for each restaurant
  • Modifiable food visuals: changing food trends
  • Practical furniture: functionality, durability, easy maintenance

The design of the Food Court was also guided by the following keywords: attractive, plentiful, makes people talk, interesting, uplifting and easy-to-approach. Rune & Berg Design was responsible for the visual appearance and interior architecture of the Food Court. The project included interior design, graphic design, visualisation and furniture design. Kesko’s designers were responsible for the functional design of the service line.

Food Court invites visitors to stay for longer

People come to the Jumbo Food Court because of the food and stay because of the pleasant surroundings. Although the Food Court has over 120 seats, every eatery is easy to find, thanks to their different visual looks and signs. The area serves a range of different people, situations and needs. The new Food Court appeals to both customers who get excited easily and to those who think nothing can excite them during a shopping trip at the end of a long day. It is for foodies and for hockey fans. It is worth your time if you only have 30 minutes or if it takes 30 minutes just to get there.

The space is in line with the high-quality, fresh food. It looks fresh and relaxed. The colourful furniture and fixtures and strong graphic elements accentuate the space. To make the space more interesting and serve the variety of needs of customers, the space has different seating options. In addition to the visual appearance, durability and easy maintenance were important qualities for the furniture. The space is visually and functionally appealing – different enough to be interesting but still clear. Each eatery (Street Food, Cafeteria & Gelateria, Salad & Baguette, Fruit Kiosk) has its own colour scheme, font and icons. Together, these visuals create the pattern that is used on the walls and tables. Rune & Berg also designed the visual details of the Salonen bakery.

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