Break Sokos Hotel Flamingo

In Finland's largest hotel the customer experiences Flow, Joy and Harmony

Whether you are partying or relaxing, at Flamingo you will find a hotel room that is suitable for you and your loved ones. The three different room types—Flow, Joy and Harmony—may offer different moods but they are equally memorable in experience. The inspiring Flow teases with its contrasts, Joy invites you in with its lively fun and Harmony pampers you with its softness and serenity. The themes are visible not only in the hotel rooms but also in the visual appearance of the corridors and signage and in the sound world of the different floors. The renewed reception and restaurant and event world communicate the same themes to hotel guests from the moment they arrive.

What a feeling, such an experience

Located in the Flamingo Entertainment Centre, Break Sokos Hotel Flamingo was expanded in early 2019 with the Wing extension. The extension’s outer appearance, reminiscent of a chili pepper,  attracted a lot of attention already during the design phase. The same courageous design was also applied to the interiors. The main idea of ​​the renewal of Hotel Flamingo was “What a feeling, such an experience”.

The planning of the three different themes and the three different layers was guided by common design drivers:

  • holistically memorable
  • an experience that stands out from all other hotels in Finland
  • speaks to a diverse group of users

The different rooms and floors had to appeal to a wide range of users: families and couples, groups of friends and business travellers, and those looking to party or relax. When checking in, guests can choose to stay in the inspiring Flow or the lively Joy – both come with either twin beds or a soft king-size bed. If you need even more peace and pampering, you should choose the adult Harmony room. Rune & Berg Design was responsible for the concept and space design of the Flamingo extension, signage and the renewal of the restaurant and event facilities and reception.

A unique hotel experience that you will want to tell a friend about

The renewed rooms clarified the hotel’s profile: Sokos Hotel Flamingo is not only a constantly growing airport hotel, but also a natural part of the surrounding Flamingo Entertainment Centre. Many come to the hotel from further afield to spend time and experience. The premises combine the surprise of an experience centre with a peaceful tranquility. The whole experience is impressive, without ever becoming unnecessarily serious. You can spot the hotel’s signature animal, among others, in the wallpaper and wall art in the common areas and the neon signs in the lobbies can be seen all the way to Ring Road III running next to the hotel. Thanks to the different themes, you can see a new side of the hotel every time you visit. The unique and comprehensively designed spaces inspire guests to take photos and videos and share their experience.

The unique hotel experience is crowned by graphic details: unique wallpaper in the rooms, flamingo-themed signage and wall art, corridors and room numbers designed to match each theme, and eye-catching works of art using neon lights and acoustic elements in interesting locations.

In connection with the expansion of Flamingo, the existing premises of the hotel were also renewed: Rune & Berg designed the renewal of the hotel reception and the restaurant and event facilities. In addition to the existing restaurant, a completely new 400 square metre restaurant space was designed for breakfast and event use. In the common areas, such as the accommodation floors, emphasis was placed on a memorable and holistic atmosphere. Hotel guests can’t get lost as getting around the different wings of the hotel is facilitated by the playful but clear signage concept implemented throughout the hotel.

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