Head office that enhances links to production

The office and training facilities of Fastems that span multiple floors were harmonised, and now both floors have views over the production facilities. The space was inspired not only by the bright colours used in the production rooms, but also by the “Space of Fastems” concept that emphasises space and modern technology.

Advanced technology meets human-friendliness

The head office and production facilities of Fastems, a company specialised in intelligent CNC automation, are located in the same building in Tampere. The property was built at the turn of the 1980s and 1990s and has been the heart of Fastems’ operations for a long time. The aim of the project was to modernise the office and training spaces on the first and second floors and make their use smoother, in addition to strengthening the links to the factory. “In many companies, the head office is housed in a business park while the production site is elsewhere. Fastems wanted to strengthen the links between the head office and production,” says Sara Tuohikumpu, Lead Designer for the project, describing the starting point. “After the renewal, the production and office facilities will be directly connected. For example, if you are designing and thinking about a future product, you can see the robot right next to you,” Johanna Happonen, Interior Architect, adds.

The following design drivers guided the design process:

  • modern and technically advanced
  • warm and human-friendly
  • unforgettable and recognisable

Rune & Berg Design was responsible for the interior architecture and graphic design of the office and training facilities. “We designed an interesting space by juxtaposing the futuristic space theme with a soft, human approach,” Sara says. The office was renewed in three stages, and the project also included designing temporary premises at Farmi in the Hermia business park. The design was based on a work environment needs assessment by CBRE.

Mothership for the Fastems crew

The office became a meeting place for the international Fastems community. The biggest change was the impressive lobby with its self-service functions and the cosy café that invites people to chat and play board games. In addition, to support the increasingly mobile work culture, the company adopted a home base model, where the first floor is allocated to administration and sales and the second to experts, such as coders.

Even the visual elements of the space underline the links between the office and production. “We were inspired by the colour palette of the production facilities. We used the bright yellow, blue and orange we saw in the factory,” Sara says. “The end result is bold but well justified for a large-scale industrial company. Galaxy epoxy flooring, glazed wall decals that look like code and a general sci-fi vibe,” says Johanna, sumning up the recognisable elements of the revamped Fastems office.