Ten years of cooperation on work environments continues

The partnership between the software giant Futurice and Rune & Berg Design, which has been ongoing since 2013, is based on close cooperation and not shying way from doing things in a new way. The most important starting point in the development of the work environments is supporting Futurice’s unique corporate culture and the work of its employees. In addition to designing the premises, the projects have had a strong focus on understanding the needs of the employees and realising the global brand’s vision and strategy in a tangible and future-oriented manner. The latest collaboration is Futurice’s new Kamppi head office for the hybrid age, which was completed in late 2022.

Helsinki is the home of Futurice, and it was also where the collaboration with Rune & Berg Design began.

“When you enter our office’s open café, you are greeted with an atmosphere that reflects our way of working in a very real way. That is the kind of experience we were looking to achieve together with the wonderful designers of Rune & Berg. The various joint workshops and how proud our people are of our new premises tell us that the design and implementation management were highly successful. It’s been easy to advertise Rune & Berg to groups that have visited our office,” says Hanno Nevanlinna, Director of Culture at Futurice on the cooperation.

When ordinary is not enough: birthplace of the cool and home of the awesome

Employing more than 600 people of 47 different nationalities, Futurice is known for its innovative corporate culture, where everyone can be themselves. The goal of the partnership has been to develop a world-class work environment experience that enables the top professionals to find and stay at Futurice.

“The most amazing thing about the partnership has been that the management has wanted to be involved in all the projects throughout the cooperation. This indicates that the space is seen as a strategic tool that can be used to influence the work itself,” says Sara Tuohikumpu, Lead Designer at Rune & Berg Design, who was involved in the early stages of the cooperation.

“I’ve enjoyed working with Rune & Berg in creating a workplace and culture that reflects our way of working. They’ve always appreciated and built upon the comments they’ve received from us as their client,” says Hanno.

The Managing Director, Finland of Futurice, Riku Valtasola, has also been closely involved in the development of the work environment experience. “I’m happy to say that working with Rune & Berg Design has been flexible and communicating with them has been open and easy. I consider it important that, in addition to their ideas, our partner pays attention to the changing needs and wishes of the employees. Rune & Berg always comes up with good ideas for suitable solutions. They also possess strong expertise in choosing the best-suited materials for the intended use, for example,” says Riku.

A world-class work environment experience is built with the help of jointly defined design drivers:

  • highlighting the company culture
  • ecological and effective design
  • pioneering hybrid work

During the decade-long collaboration, Rune & Berg Design has been Futurice’s partner in developing the work environment concept, change management and designing and updating the offices in Helsinki and Tampere to suit their users. “We’ve seen immense growth since we moved from Lauttasaari to Kamppi. That was the first time we purchased interior architect services – it was a sign that doing things by ourselves was no longer enough. With a well-functioning, high-quality space, we can show that we take things seriously,” says Hanno.

In the latest update of the head office, we focused especially on solutions for a post-pandemic world of work. “We’ve been considering new ways working and how the space could support interaction in an interesting way that reflects Futurice,” says Sini Ala-Nikula, Lead Designer on Rune & Berg Design’s latest project. “For example, the tables in the conference rooms were designed together with Hanno. They’re all at standing height, and different messages and ideas to support the Futuriceans’ decision-making model and interaction have been incorporated in them.”

The new Kamppi office also had an emphasis on services as part of the Innovation Home property, and internal IT services were brought to the office in a central location to make the everyday lives of the Futuriceans easier. “The use of space at the Kamppi office works well. There are enough video booths, for example, and the large open café space with its easily movable furniture allows you to interact with people just as much or as little as you like,” says Hanno.

A partner through changes

The world of work is in a state of constant change, and work environments must also change with the times. Futurice’s offices, which employ coders, service designers and business consultants, are designed to be flexible according to the needs of different employees and projects. At Futurice’s offices, you can find, for example, a lot of easily movable furniture and adjustable surfaces, such as movable glass walls, where you can stick your post-it notes to help with brainstorming.

“According to our brand, things need to have a bigger function and purpose. It’s important for us to be able to modify the premises according to the intended use,” says Hanno.

“The premises were built to be flexible. The people at Futurice are very independent also in rearranging the premises. In order to be able to do something new and creative, you need the premises to be flexible to facilitate that process,” says Sara, who participated in the first projects.

This flexibility is also reflected in the new Kamppi office: “For example, the working café with its easily movable furniture can be used to host a variety of events, from training events to information sessions, parties and hobby clubs. There is hardly any wasted space at the office, and reserving the spaces and zoning them to floors for focus-intensive work and cooperation make everyday life smoother,” says Sini.

The people at Futurice have also played a key role during the design process: the various workshops, user interviews and observation days have helped to create unique work environments that serve the Futuriceans. For example, the atmosphere of the premises and the principles of use were created together with the users.

“At the beginning of the cooperation, we spent a lot of time with the Futuriceans at their office at the time. We talked to people and observed their ways of working and, for example, the sound environment,” says Sara.

“We’ve really got to know them along the way and have had the privilege of being a part of their growth story. The Futuriceans challenge us to make bold choices and to think outside of the box. They appreciate our perspectives on small details and big issues alike,” says Account Manager Raija Mattila.

Photos: Mikael Pettersson

In the renovation of the Kamppi office, the architectural design was carried out by ARCO. The property is owned by CapMan. We thank you for the great cooperation!