Holiday Club

Holiday mood and colours of Finnish nature at the Fredriksberg office

Holiday Club employees moved into the brand new Vallila office in early 2022. The bold and edgy 670 sqm office is located in the newly constructed Fredriksberg property. The office is a Holiday Club for the employees, welcoming them to choose a working space that best supports their work. There are active and quiet workspaces, various project and meeting rooms and focus spaces. The colours of Finnish nature in all seasons add the finishing touch to the casual high-quality atmosphere.

A CLUB that inspires doing things together

Producing meaningful holiday experiences to its customers is at the core of Holiday Club. This can also be seen, felt and experienced at the new Fredriksberg office. The aim of the project was to create a work environment for Holiday Club that would represent the industry and support new ways of working, bringing different professional groups and teams even more firmly together. “Our role was to support the transformation of the culture and ways of working through spatial solutions. We set out to build a CLUB that would support encounters between people and have a holiday atmosphere,” Sara Tuohikumpu, Lead Designer for the project, says.

The design of the office was guided by the following design drivers, which were based on the personnel survey and interviews:

  • corporate culture that encourages cooperation and synergies between teams
  • inspiring space that makes one feel like they’re on holiday and supports different encounters
  • adaptability and taking into account project and phone work.

Rune & Berg Design helped Holiday Club to specify its future needs and was responsible for the interior architecture design of the work environment that supports a communal working culture. The specification of the needs included a personnel survey, tour and observation in the previous premises in Herttoniemi and in Fredriksberg, as well as interviews and a workshop with key persons. The most important areas of development were comfort, diverse furniture and acoustics. “The courage to suggest spatial solutions that support the future ways of working was essential in the project. The different spaces have different themes, atmospheres and functions that increase creativity and productivity,” Sara describes.

Attractive space that supports new ways of working

“Working together was a clear focus at the Holiday Club office. The work cafeteria is as large as the actual workspace. The project rooms and, for example, walking mats are located in the middle, offering views over the roofs of the Konepaja area,” Sara says. The heart of the office is the work cafeteria that is suitable for taking a break, enjoying lunch, or communal events and information sharing. The workspace is divided into quiet and active areas, which guarantees optimal conditions both for those who work on the phone and for those who need to concentrate. The flexible project facilities, on the other hand, adapt to project stages and the needs of users. “The visual look and feel of the office is highly important to Holiday Club employees. Holiday Club destinations in Finland inspired the style and atmosphere of the office,” Sara adds.

The deployment of the new office involved several shared practices and ways of working. In the current hybrid model, work is done both at home and at the office, so the decision was made to have shared workstations instead of dedicated workrooms. Partners and CLUB members from other offices are also welcome to work at Fredriksberg. “Based on comments from a feedback survey, the general feeling about the new office is very positive. Especially the beautiful, well-designed space and the opportunity to change seats during the workday has been liked”, says Nina Kuntola, HR Director for Holiday Club, summarising the experiences at the new office.

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