Restaurant GOAT

GOAT’s unique restaurant experience – three restaurants under one roof in Espoo

Greatest of All Time – GOAT offers a unique restaurant experience that combines three familiar brands under the same concept. Skiffer, Bun2Bun and Seksico work together, drawing from the strengths of each restaurant. The selection of GOAT satisfies all tastes, welcoming customers to enjoy delicious food and the relaxed atmosphere. Despite comprising three restaurants, GOAT has only one menu, the food arrives at the same time and is paid with one invoice, which makes the experience smooth for the customer. Approachable service, atmospheric space, vintage furniture and recognisable graphics by Rasmus Tikkanen perfect the cosy and casual restaurant experience.

GOAT – Greatest of All time

GOAT is a new restaurant concept in the AINOA shopping centre in Tapiola. It serves the dishes of three trendy fast casual brands under one roof. The menu features Liuskas by Skiffer, tacos by Seksico and vegan burgers by Bun2Bun, all served at the table. Skiffer, Seksico and Bun2Bun noticed how much stronger they can be together when they supported each other during the COVID-19 lockdown, which gave them the idea to build a joint concept. The focus on Espoo, on the other hand, stems from the background of many of the founders. “Our goal was to first and foremost bring a restaurant with first-class selection into the Espoo restaurant field – the three of the best. The second important goal was to combine three brands in a way that they maintain their individuality, but can be combined into the same restaurant environment”, Outi Gummerus, the Director of Business at Peruna & Co. sums up.

Design drivers for the GOAT spatial and concept design:

  • authentic and contemporary
  • casual with excellent service
  • pleasant and cosy

The GOAT mission is to bring street-wise food and Helsinki-style restaurant culture to Espoo. The aim was to create the coolest restaurant and meeting place in Espoo. The target group was lunch and dinner guests who appreciate quality and want a casual experience in Espoo. The particular focus group within the shopping centre is stay-at-home mums and dads and families. The concept had to be functional for both eating in and ordering the food home.

Rune & Berg was responsible for the concept and spatial design that comprised the service model and the functionality and atmosphere of the restaurant space. The project was implemented in close cooperation with the restaurant owners, using the agile design sprint method. After the spring, the cooperation continued with the contractor, technical design team and lessor. The aim of the two-week design sprint was to ensure that the concept had a shared vision, clear target group and identified pull factors. Particular attention was paid to atmosphere, materials and functionality. ”It was a relief to start thinking about the whole with a professional company and a group. I feel that you were able to help us. The end-result is great, we were all very pleased with it. I was especially delighted by the design sprint – it fit us well. We were at your office and went through materials and mood boards to combine ideas and start creating the desired vibe. It was absolutely a key factor”, Outi describes.

Authentic and distinctive restaurant that serves excellent food

In addition to the great concept that unites three restaurants under one roof, the GOAT spatial experience is interesting, unique and easy-to-approach. Its key characteristics are casual, contemporary, elegant, straightforward and fun. The visual elements make reference to all three restaurants: GOAT combines the checkboard floor and tiled walls of Bun2Bun with the rustic feel and panelling of Skiffer, complementing the look with colourful wallpapers and strong contrasts in true Seksico style. The end result is coherent and eye-catching. “The idea behind the rustic look and feel of the restaurant is that posters are not only art, they also reflect culture and inclusion in the surrounding community,” says Sini Ala-Nikula, Lead Designer at Rune & Berg, explaining the idea of the restaurant.

First and foremost, the new restaurant concept is warm and casual, offering an experience that meets the needs of different customers. Everyone can come to GOAT as they are. Warm oak surfaces, rustic wood and soft velvet create the perfect setting for unhurried meals. The place is full of interesting details and things to look at. “We wanted to use authentic materials, such as wood, in the furniture and surfaces. We created contrasts in different ways, for example, by combining old and new. Smooth elements, like a velvet couch, combine with rough tables that are made from old barn walls,” Sini describes.  “What was excellent, was that together we did not only think of how to make the restaurant look pleasant, but also carefully went through each target group and how they can use the space”, Outi adds.

The space adapts to different needs and times of day. At lunch time, the menu is displayed at the counter for quick viewing, while the dining experience begins with an unhurried examination of the food and drinks menus based on the waiter’s recommendations. GOAT also welcomes kids warmly to the restaurant. The restaurant also holds DJ nights, and it can be reserved for private parties. GOAT combines three brands into a seamless restaurant experience in a way that allows each brand to stand out.  Similarly, the restaurant welcomes each customer to come as they are, for lunch, dinner, or anything in between.  “The feedback that we get from customers is that it’s amazing that these three restaurants are available simultaneously and that you can come here with almost any group. The atmosphere is easy-going and welcoming. You can relax, enjoy and find something for everyone”, Outi concludes.