Delivery Hero

Delivery Hero’s office – work in the kitchen and meetings at the restaurant

Tasteful colours, light wooden surfaces, playful details and a community like no other. In Delivery Hero’s welcoming work community, everyone gets to be themselves and choose a place for working that best suits their needs. The soft pastel tones and the meeting rooms with restaurant-based themes spice up the peaceful general atmosphere with a sense of adventure. Custom-tailored for Delivery Hero, the experience is complemented by the specifically designed graphic details and varying textures. However, the best part about the new work environment is that allowing people to participate in implementing the workspace update project brought the members of the work community together even before the facilities themselves were completed.

Home to an inclusive and playful workplace culture where everyone gets to be themselves

The Delivery Hero Helsinki office project got its kickstart from the merging of Pizza Online and Foodora and the subsequent move under the same roof. Both companies were already members of the international Delivery Hero group. In early 2020, the companies merged under the Foodora brand in order to provide the consumers with a more cohesive experience and to make it in the highly competitive food delivery sector. The aim of the project was to craft inspiring premises that would both support diverse modes of work and facilitate the creation of a new community. “Delivery Hero is a modern growth company with young personnel – we wanted to offer premises that would support the employee experience and workplace culture”, says Hanna Kontinen, Delivery Hero’s HR Manager at the time, on the objectives for the workspace update project.

Design drivers specified together:

  • welcoming and playful facilities to support the company brand
  • supporting the Foodora and Pizza Online community and different ways of working
  • a holistic experience, a work environment that caters to the senses and evokes emotions

The role of Rune & Berg Design was to design the roughly 750-square-metre office facilities located in Rubik in Pasila and help the personnel adapt to the workspace update and shared ways of working. Delivery Hero’s work environment was created together with the personnel to suit them both in form and function. The project entailed interior design, graphic design for the look of the interior space as well as service design. Co-development, which entailed observation, team interviews and workshops, was used to ensure that the voice of both parties moving to the office would be heard and that the facilities would reflect the new community as a whole. “The employees embraced the change with open arms. We had a person from each team participate in the employee group during the project – we wanted to give everyone the chance to have their voice heard”, Hanna explains.

Playful graphical details and themed meeting rooms give a finishing touch to the experience

The facilities of the youthful growth company were designed so that they would be comfortable and facilitate interaction, while also giving consideration to the special characteristics related to different roles and tasks. Focus and interaction are balanced: Delivery Hero’s office has spaces suited for work where peace and quiet is needed as well as spaces suited for sparring with coworkers. The kitchen and surrounding lounge area form the cosy centre of the office, where it is possible to eat and prepare lunch, relax, work and have meetings.

The graphical elements and details were also allowed to be casual, even humorous. Restaurant-based themes were designed for the meeting rooms, which showed in the decoration, glass wall tapings and names. “The end result was very successful and reflected our work community. The experience manages to maintain a professional feel despite flirting playfully with the hassle of a food delivery company’s everyday operations. The meeting rooms have very diverse atmospheres – you can choose your meeting room by feel or according to the subject in discussion”, Hanna describes the experience of working in the new facilities.

Premises that support diverse modes of work and the creation of a new community were created for Delivery Hero. The facilities, which were designed together and also support community and working together, had a positive impact on the atmosphere and the work itself. The welcoming common spaces with well-equipped kitchen areas and pool tables brought the employees together and supported the formation of the new community. The unique characteristics of each individual get to blossom in Delivery Hero’s new facilities, creating a rich work community and a sustainable foundation for success.

The cooperation of Rune & Berg and the client was smooth as well. The project provided a chance for direct discussion and creative ideas. “We had a lot of faith in the project right from the start. Communication was easy, and the cooperation went smoothly. We did not have previous experience from similar projects, so it was essential that you took an objective role, gave advice and had conversations with other stakeholders. Overall, we got the sense that our concerns were addressed and we were really appreciated as a client”, Hanna summarises.

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