Juju Business Campus

New lease of life for the business campus of five properties

With Juju, you get what you want according to Conficap’s service attitude. The five-property business campus offers endless opportunities: the right services and facilities for your business, and a community in which you can succeed, meet and have fun together. The red-brick tones of the facade and the rounded lines of the logo are repeated in the interior design. The atmosphere is inspired by, among other things, the freshness of the forest floor, the warmth of wood and the peace and harmony of soft materials. The operating models and interior and lighting choices of the campus support Finnishness and ecology; for example, the intelligent lighting is also energy efficient. The signage in the premises makes it possible to move around Juju with ease.

Juju – spaces with something about them

Juju is a 45,000 square metre business campus owned by the Finnish family business Conficap and located in Pitäjänmäki, Helsinki. The campus consists of a total of five office buildings with facilities and services for companies of all sizes. The surrounding residential and business area is currently developing into a cozy city boulevard with tree-lined streets and tram lines. The wish was for Juju to be part of this development. The aim of the real estate development project was to increase the desirability of the property and develop an overall concept and service offering that meets the needs of its customers.

The project design drivers were:

  • modernity
  • sharing economy
  • communality
  • ecology

Rune & Berg Design was responsible for the user-oriented development of the property concept, the interior design of the spaces in the various properties and Juju’s graphic look. The areas to be renewed were defined on the basis of user feedback in cooperation with Conficap. The lobbies and stairwells, meeting rooms, restaurant hall, social facilities and signage were all renewed. In addition, we produced a brochure to support the marketing of the leased premises.

User-oriented concept - modern flexible spaces and shared services

Conficap’s values ​​are conveyed in the premises and in the concept: at the core of the Finnish family business are ethics, ecology and the attitude that “everything is service, everything is possible”. The property concept was developed in cooperation with not only Conficap but also the tenants. The project included observations of the site from both the outside and inside, Juju’s role in mirroring the development and services of the surrounding area and interviews with current and potential tenants. These focused on finding out what expectations tenants have when renting business premises and what is good and what needs development in Juju’s properties.

During the project, we defined the necessary and value-added services for tenants and determined the preconditions necessary for the operation of attractive services. The core service is the rental of business premises. In addition, Juju offers, among others, lobby and restaurant services, conference centre and seminar spaces, sauna facilities for rent, as well as a gym, guided exercise and massage to support well-being at work. Tenants also have the opportunity to take advantage of a shared car service, laundry services, the Kamu kindergarten and courtyards between the properties.

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