Spatial design and service concept of a hostel that attracts travelers valuing low-cost, adventure and quality

Myö Hostel – the first boutique hostel in Helsinki

Rune & Berg Design was moved to be part a project that offered besides interesting design possibilities a chance to do something good. The vision of the customer to hire mentally disabled people made it clear to us that we want to part of the project and make Myö Hostel as “cool” as the founders have dreamed about.

Rune & Berg joined the project while the hostel idea was only in black and white on paper. We took part in creating the boutique hostel concept, designing its service experience, participating in negotiations and celebrating the very first customers. Rune & Berg’s touch in the new premises is seen in spatial design, wallpaper design, graphic identity, and signage. Our journey with Myö Hostel continues: spatial identity and service concept is changing and developing depending on demand and feedback received from the customer.

Photography: Aleksi Tikkala