The First Boutique Hostel in Helsinki

Starting Point

Rune & Berg Design was honoured to have been a part of a project that wasn’t only fascinating design-wise but also gave us an opportunity to do good. The client’s idea of a hostel offering jobs to people with disabilities impressed us immediately. It was clear to us that we wanted to take part in making Myö Hostel just as “rad” as its founders visioned it to be.

We Delivered

Rune & Berg joined the process in the very beginning. Together with the client, we created the spatial and visual concept for the hostel, designed the service experience, supported the client in negotiations and celebrated the first customers.


The contribution of Rune & Berg can be seen all around the hostel: in interiors, wallpapers, graphic identity and signage. Floors are themed after Finnish locations – Kuttura, Konnenvesi, Keikko and Käpylä – which are represented in different colours and illustrations in each floor.

A unique wallpaper was designed for each floor.
"Come as you are. We’ll make sure you’ll have a good time."
Myö Hostel’s owners’ initial idea of the concept

Final Outcome: Hostel Concept With a Unique Identity and Principles

Myö Hostel’s spatial concept and service concept complete and reinforce each other. Client’s values, such as ethics, sustainability and accessibility can be felt and seen in the welcoming service, homelike atmosphere, responsible furniture choices and imaginative solutions. Navigating around the hostel has been made easy with the help of clear, sympathetic-looking signage. Cosy and unique rooms together with the spaces promoting social encounters, appeal to many different types of travellers. The unique concept has been widely recognized by the Finnish media. The hostel still leans on the same, initial idea of its owners as it did in the very beginning. ”Come as you are. We’ll make sure you’ll enjoy yourself.”

Photos: Aleksi Tikkala
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