Katsastuskontti Brings Vehicle Inspection to the Customer

Starting Point

Our customer had a unique vision of a vehicle inspection concept that would bring inspections the customers, near shopping centres. The concept was to include a visual identity, decals for the pilot project and marketing materials that would help sell the idea for the lessors.

We Delivered

The inviting and unique concept of Katsastuskontti (Finnish for “inspection container”) was created together with the customer. Comprehensive design included defining strategic direction of the brand, design of visual identity, pre-marketing materials for launching the brand, and decals for the container. Our aim was to form a concept that would increase customer flow and therefore create a reliable image to the lessors, and simultaneously give an attractive image of Katsastuskontti as an employer.

Communicating and working with Rune & Berg was easy and transparent. The project was fluent and the branding was done successfully. The brand was well-received and customers find it easy to approach.
Ilkka Marin, CEO, Katsastuskontti

Final Outcome: Approachable Inspection Station

“Clients praise the service for its easy accessibility. The personnel are thankful for the effective and fast inspections, and the appreciation that the customers have expressed for bringing the service close to them”, commends the company CEO Ilkka Marin.

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