The future of office 2.0 – a guide to key phenomena in workplace development

Appealing work environments as a force for success

Let’s imagine for a moment a world where the work environment is more than just walls, furniture or a remote workstation. It is a network of workplaces that crosses physical boundaries and is a manifestation of the company’s culture. A community bursting with inspiration and life. A place where well-being and responsibility are not just beautiful words, but deeply rooted operating models.

This is not a utopia, but the next era of the work environment evolution.

Phenomena affecting the work environment field

We invite you to familiarise yourself with four current phenomena affecting the work environment field. By incorporating these ideas into your organisation’s practices, you can significantly enhance the appeal of your workspace and foster sustainable success for the future.

#1 Hyper flexible hybrid work.
#2 Disruption of power structures elevates teams over individuals.
#3 The ultimate fusion of well-being and the office.
#4 The rise of responsible work environments.

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