The Biggest Hotel in Finland Is Filled with Flow, Joy and Harmony

Starting Point

Sokos Hotel Flamingo, located in Flamingo Entertainment Centre, expanded with the Wing extension in early 2019. The exterior appearance, which resembles chili pepper, already attracted considerable attention at the design stage. Interior design was also started with the same courageous approach. The purpose of the extension’s concept was to make Sokos Hotel Flamingo a memorable experience that sets it apart from all other hotels in Finland.

We Delivered

The design was lead with the idea that experiences are created from feelings. The new premises of the largest hotel in Finland was to appeal to a wide range of customers – families and couples, groups of friends and business travelers – and offer a place for both excitement and unwinding.

Three themes were chosen to guide the concept: Flow, Joy and Harmony. Flow inspires with its contrasts, Joy encourages to have fun and Harmony charms with its soft tranquility. 

The luxury of the Harmony theme is emphasized by the fact that the floor is for adults only. The R-18 floor in Flamingo is the first of its kind in Finland.

A strong visual identity was created for each theme which can be seen both in the rooms and in the hallways. In addition to spaces and graphic elements, each theme was designed with its own specific soundscape that guides guests to the ambience of each floor. The premises were designed with ambition, while avoiding unnecessary seriousness. Hotel’s title animals, flamingos, can be spotted in wallpapers and decals, and neon signs of the hallways show all the way to the nearby highway.

In addition to the rooms, the strong, holistic visuality and atmosphere was emphasized in the common areas. Concurrently with the extension, hotel’s existing facilities were upgraded: Rune & Berg designed the refurbishment of the breakfast and event facilities as well as the signage concept used throughout the hotel.

Final Outcome: Unique Hotel Experience Worth Sharing

The new concept raised the profile of the hotel, both as part of the surrounding entertainment centre and as a increasingly popular airport hotel. Excitement of the entertainment centre and peaceful tranquility are combined in the hotel. The distinctive style and the comprehensive design of the hotel inspire guests to capture and share their experiences. With the different themes, each visit can be a new experience to the guests. 

Kuvat: Aleksi Tikkala
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