The Head Office of the Finnish Family Company Combines History and Future

Starting Point

The head office of Rettig Group Oy Ab is located at an old brewery warehouse of Sinebrychoff from 1880. The building represents architecture of its own time and plays an important role in the cultural heritage of Helsinki. As part of the comprehensive renovation, the historical building was converted into a modern office whilst ensuring the continuity of the architectural heritage for the future generations.

We Delivered

The new office environment brings forth both modernity and history. At the heart of the business culture lays the traditions and values of the company: openness, fairness, modesty as well as trust and respect.

Traditions, history and art were to be seen in the finished premises. Values and meanings reflecting the company were highlighted in the space. The underlying idea of the project was to combine functionality and practicality with harmonious elegance and modern technology. All spatial and technological solutions were seamlessly integrated to the historic building.

The new space is defined by its calm colour palette, detailed finishes and soft acoustics. Traditions, history and art are essential for the final outcome.

Needs and aspirations of the personnel were taken into account in the spatial design. The facilities consist of spaces for working, negotiation and socializing. Team-work being an important working method in an investment company, the spaces were modified into a more open and transparent layout, whilst simultaneously allowing the light to pass through the office.

Negotiation rooms are named after members of the Rettig family.
The safety decal designed for the glass walls suits the harmonious surroundings.

Final Outcome: A Unique Working Environment Works Also as an Impressive Calling Card

Cooperation between the designers and Rettig ensured an outcome meeting the requirements and wishes of the company. As a result, the head office better serves the employees and represents Rettig Group as the respected and dignified company it is.


Photos: Aleksi Tikkala
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