From an Empty Office Building to a Thriving Business Park

Starting Point

A property build in the early 2000s was about to be left abandoned after the main tenant left the premises. The building didn’t attract new, smaller businesses as it was originally designed for a single user. To ensure future use and attractiveness of the property, it was given a new life.

We Delivered

The identity and the services of the building were fully reshaped. Rune & Berg started the process by conducting a competition analysis of business parks located in Finland and abroad. We mapped out the strengths and the characteristics of the building, such as the distinctive visual style, adaptability of the interiors and convenient location.

Having gained extensive insight, we started the actual design process. We created clear guidelines for the project and started taking our design towards our ultimate aim – creating a modern working environment with possibilities for leisure activities.

 The building was reshaped into an optimal seedbed for businesses and was thereafter named Farmi, farm. The visual concept with its logos, elements and typography, worked as a basis for all the marketing materials of the property.

Our goal was to create a lively and active building that provides a platform for a wide range of businesses. A versatile and attractive food court was found to be an essential factor affecting the user experience, and it now attracts people from neighbouring buildings too.

Final Outcome: A Bold Transformation Worth Making

As a result, the building became a lively environment filled with creative solutions and the client had therefore no problems finding new tenants to move in. The building, once a burden, was transformed into a source of pride.

Photos: Aleksi Tikkala
This has increased the demand and has clearly affected the rentals. Proprietors can no longer only lease out walls, business park concepts must be created and branded.
Kristiina Borg, Project Manager, Keva
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