Tire Manufacturer's Premises Reflect Appreciation for Staff and Industry

Starting Point

The office of Continental Tires in Espoo was in need of an update. The premises weren’t functioning in the best way possible and the atmosphere was off. The noisy work environment had to be made more tranquil, whereas the social spaces called for solutions making them more comfortable and active.

We Delivered

Company loyalty is highly valued at Continental Tires which leads to remarkably long careers. Therefore, employee’s overall well-being is seen as something worth investing in.

Need for calm and ergonomic workstations was highlighted in the interviews and workshops organised in the beginning of the design process. Allergy friendliness and ease of maintenance and cleaning were also pointed out.

In addition to calmness, some keywords describing the working area were openness and clarity. Glass walls provided both transparency and privacy to those who needed it. Background noise and other noise were reduced with partition screens and textile flooring. Teams were relocated in a way that minimized the need to shout to neighbouring tables. Conversations and talk from phone calls emanating from the hallways was blocked with screens, acoustic materials and common rules.

Distracting conversations around workstations were reduced when break rooms were redesigned to comfortable spaces encouraging to interaction.

Peaceful soundscape was taken into account when designing the negotiation facilities. The timelessly elegant meeting rooms and the atmospheric lobby area are in line with the corporate image of Continental Tires.

Final Outcome: Working Environment That Conforms to the Customer’s Values and Brand Image

The redesigned spaces reflect the Continental Tires brand in style and function. The work environment is designed to meet the staff’s needs and social rooms speaks volumes about the quality conscious company and its appreciation for staff.

Photos: Aleksi Tikkala
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